Should I List My Home During the Holidays??
You are thinking about listing your home but the holidays are right around the corner...what should you do? Here are the reasons why it is a good idea to go ahead and put a sign in the front yard: 1. Much lower competition: Reduced inventory over the holidays generally means less competition from other sellers. 2. You may benefit from the lack of inventory on the market through the holidays. 3. Eager buyers: If someone is buying in the winter, it's probably because of a sudden change in their circumstances, such as a job change or moving near an ill family member. They're probably motivated to get the deal done quickly. 4. More time for showings: Many people take time off over the holidays, so you may find it easier to squeeze in showings during off-hours than during the summer when everyone is working or taking vacations. 5. A less-busy agent: Fewer homes to sell means more time for your agent to dedicate to selling yours. If your agent isn't on vacation, they may have extra time to ensure you get the best offer for your home. Your home never looked better than during the holidays! Send me a note! Let's get your home Listed and SOLD! 

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