Design Trends that Homeowners Will Absolutely Love
You own a home, we own homes. The one thing that we can say for certain about being a homeowner is that we want to come home to a place that’s comfortable, relaxing, and inviting. We want our house to have pleasant surroundings that offer peace and serenity - and sometimes entertainment. Same goes for any buyer in the real estate market. Men and women that are shopping for a new home want to thoroughly enjoy walking through your home for a showing. They also want to feel cozy in the house, envisioning what it would feel like for them to potentially one day live there. So, whether you’re trying to make your home feel calm and tranquil, or whether you’re trying to create a harmonious backdrop for potential buyers to browse, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our design trends that will get your house feeling like a home in no time - and then implement the choices that are most suitable to you! Paint the walls with calming color selections One of the best parts about owning your own house is that you can switch up the colors on the walls whenever you see fit. Let’s be real, having white interior walls around every corner is not the way to go; it’s dull, boring, and lacks any semblance of comfort. Add some color to those blank walls. Calming color selections will ease your mind after a long days’ work. Warm earth tones will add coziness to your rooms for potential buyers to see. If you want to go outside of that color wheel, designers highly suggest choosing some rich color shades, like deep orange, camel, and olive green. Separate the rooms with a door A couple years back, open living room and kitchen floor plans were all the rave. Even a couple months back, the trend still had some popularity to it. Now, things have changed. Privacy is super important to homeowners nowadays. Back when everyone was working at home day-in and day-out, it was much easier to watch the kids on their Zoom online class meetings while getting some office work done in the corner at their desks. The problem is, no one necessarily realized how intrusive rooms without doors could be for the long haul. Today, folks want to get away for personal reasons, whether it be to watch a good show alone or to get some work or studying done in seclusion. Add some new and improved entertainment sectors At home entertainment is more desirable now than ever before. Think about it - you’re able to sit at home in your pj’s while you do the things you love. Like what? Like have a dance party in the living room with your surround sound speakers. Like oven bake a pizza outdoors in your brand new pizza oven. Like watch a movie on your white screen and grade-A projector. The options are endless. Not to mention that at home entertainment is much cheaper than anything you’ll pay for out in public. Plus, you can invite over as many people from Minneapolis as you see fit to join in on the festivities. Upgrade one of the most important rooms in the household: The bathroom Upgrading the bathroom is definitely a tried and true homeowner renovation project. It not only adds value to your house for the future if you’re looking to sell, but it also improves your quality of living while you’re still in the house. Think double-sink vanities, large showerheads, and a walk-in shower stall with ample room to move around. You can even go as far as mimicking a spa with heated floors, surround sound speakers, and new appliances all around. These trends are starting to become super popular in here, will they soon be popular in your hometown, too?

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